Recovery from disaster is stressful enough, but once the worst occurs, it’s essential to correct the situation immediately by employing Dry Ice Blasting

For effective remediation from fire, smoke, or water damage, Dry Ice Blasting is three times faster than traditional, labor intensive and often ineffective cleaning methods.

Dry Ice Blasting creates no additional water damage and is very effective at removing smoky odors from fire damaged areas.
When removing toxic mold from wood, our cleaning method offers 99% mold spore removal and attacks mold in hard to reach areas.

Dry Ice Blasting has been approved by the EPA, FDA and the USDA.

• Once-and-done
• The most effective method
• Fire and Smoke Restoration
• Mold Remediation
• Odor Elimination
• Water Damage

• Reduce cleaning time
• Reduce labor requirements
• No secondary waste
• Chemical-free process
• 99% mold spore removal on wood when IAQA standards followed
• Remove odor from fire damage
• Environmentally responsible