The demand for power is greater than ever, making clean and safe electrical equipment more important than ever.

Threats to power generation and utility systems include dirty machinery, which is a root cause of reduced efficiency and could cause “flashover” or even catastrophic power outages.

Non-conductive Dry Ice Blasting safely cleans essential power generation components without cooling, disassembling, or moving equipment, and its superior efficiency reduces downtime outages by up to 65%.

Dry Ice Blasting has been approved by the EPA, FDA and the USDA.

• Once-and-done
• The most effective method
• Reduce catastrophic failure
• Improve megohm readings
• Increase polarization indices
• Improve thermal dissipation
• Reduce outage time for cleaning by 65%
• Eliminate secondary waste
• Clean in-place, no cool down or disassembly
• Non-conductive
• Non-abrasive
• Environmentally responsible

• Turbines
• Compressors & Generators
• AC/DC Motors
• Circuit Breakers
• Switch Gears
• Transformers
• Rotors
• Stators
• Insulators
• Field Frames
• Substation Isolators and Bushings