With Dry Ice Blasting, the benefits of restoring precious historic sites during specialty cleaning jobs are multiplied community-wide.

The non-profit institutions that operate most historic sites depend upon donations and grant funding for their annual budgets, so saving money is a key benefit. Restoring historically significant buildings, beloved monuments, sculptures, metals, wood, stone, brickwork or valuable objects becomes part of the greater good, allowing the community to learn and enjoy.

Dry Ice Blasting has been approved by the EPA, FDA and the USDA.

• Once-and-done
• The most effective method
• Thorough cleaning in tight areas
• Reduced cleaning time
• No secondary waste
• Reduced encapsulation needs
• Non-abrasive, won't damage substrate
• Enhanced worker safety
• Chemical-free process
• Environmentally responsible

• Lead paint abatement
• Fire, smoke, water damage
• Adhesive and tar removal
• Reversal of aging effect
• Removal of corrosive contaminants
• Mold Remediation